January Vigil

I saw you surrender that cold clear night,

not to burden,

to the brave letting go that loosens – unfurls the sails of our souls.


Watched you unpack for the voyage,

leaving words behind first.


Looked out at the thousands of tiny vigil light stars,

winter’s fresh invitation, sitting open on your windowsill.


Look back at me now and again,

remembering the love in those prayers I sent ahead of you,

over white hills and dark woods,

fragrancing your head and feet,

wishing you swift flight on the wind that catches and takes us,

never again pinning us down.


Drop a crumb of trail or clue,

for my thoughts still chase after you when I see your clear night’s sky,

wondering after your unbound travels,

my own tethers ever loosening in the wake of your slipstream.














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9 Responses to January Vigil

  1. Marilyn Krump says:

    You have such a gift, Rebecca. Always your writing inspires my inner spirit and lifts my soul. XO

  2. A perfect title to a poem of remembrance and letting go — love, julie

  3. Wowser! My new favorite poem – so full of umph.

  4. Sue Wittman says:

    Nice! What a perfect read to start my day!

  5. Anonymous says:

    More than echoes return from far away. In good company we are.
    xo – LR

  6. Ruth Kuhn says:

    So rich….I have no other words but Thank you!

  7. rita says:

    Words so beautifully woven that reach deep inside me — a piece i will want to read again and again….

  8. Blessings, Mary says:

    Oh Reb, soooo beautiful. I wish there was still snow on the ground. Awesome- as always!

  9. Anonymous says:

    my dear, my dear….

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