I may not know I’m asking, but

something within me is. something without

responds clear to my core. there,

from hidden tributaries, the Universe fills me. and there

is no use clinging to my own muddied shores – no point hesitating to enter into

this free flow of exchange, this Light in the deep.












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7 Responses to Freeflow

  1. Diane says:

    I feel this was written especially for me…❤️

  2. Julie Tallard Johnson says:

    Thank you once again for helping me, us, with the eternal conversation. Lovely.

  3. Nan says:

    Spoke to my own unknown askings. 🌌

  4. Ruth says:

    Such a haunting and welcome message/reminder. thank you…thank you…thank you..

  5. Marilyn Krump says:

    Another beautiful piece from the depths of you, Rebecca….

  6. Leslie Rankin RN says:

    None of the training in nursing school prepared me for the experiences which have taken root in the cells of my being…. and so here I sit reading this again and again letting the healing of what is out there seep into me… washing it all with beauty. I love you Rebecca.

  7. Margaret W says:

    Beautiful !
    Free flowing….. into the deep
    …as I often find myself free floating.

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