Wonder (where that Water goes)

Wonder where that Water goes. What happens

to those who follow its flow?


Whose eyes – how many? have set their gaze

on its moving

bend, then

were bid come along and, wandering,

spent all their days saying yes

to that shimmering thing – never entirely known,

that called them on, toppling in some senseless love

of Mystery

over certainty.











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5 Responses to Wonder (where that Water goes)

  1. Julie Tallard Johnson says:

    Oh yes. Tumbling forward in uncertainty. LOVELY. Thank you.

  2. Margaret says:

    In a dream, I re-membered that I could breathe under water.

  3. Martha Bartholomew says:

    You call me to my friend David Whyte. So glad to meet you in the swim of things Rebecca.. Have been writing a bit myself. Love, Martha


  4. Leslie says:

    … going!

  5. the other leslie says:

    Both feet in !

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